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    Developing Proficiency in HR:

    7 Self-directed Activities for HR Professionals

    HR behavioral competencies are critical for success today. Developing Proficiency in HR provides a roadmap for HR professionals to help themselves and their HR colleagues develop the behaviors necessary to be successful. It is a pragmatic and easy to follow book that is filled with practical exercises and worksheets that will be useful to HR professionals and to HR leaders. The book is designed to transform passive learners into active learners by helping HR professionals develop their HR behavioral competencies at their own pace and based on their own needs. Included is guidance on how to approach personal development in day-to-day activities rather than in formal courses or in a formal setting.

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    Defining HR Success:

    9 Critical Competencies for HR Professionals

    Defining HR Success provides an in-depth review and application of the nine critical HR competencies practitioners need to be successful within the field of HR and leaders of their organizations:


    • HR Expertise (HR Knowledge) • Business acumen • Communication • Consultation • Critical evaluation • Ethical practice • Global and cultural effectiveness • Leadership and navigation • Relationship management

    Developing Enhancing Teamwork in Organizations:

    Evidence-Based Best Practices and Guidelines

    Today's team-based organizations face an unprecedented range of challenges. Many teams reflect the diversity of its members which vary in experience, education, and training. To add to the complexity, teams often include people who are not in the same room together, are geographically dispersed, and are connected only by electronic media. This book brings together leading edge practitioners and academics who share their knowledge about effective teamwork. The book contains evidence-based guidelines designed to offer practitioners advice, recommendations, and strategies for developing and sustaining teams that consistently function at peak performance.

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