• Employee Development and Engagement

    is Key During Difficult Times

    Your employees and managers CAN benefit from training and coaching.

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    Webinars for Employees

    One-hour and No limit on the number of employees

    ֍ Managing Virtually ֍ Difficult Conversations

    ֍Virtual Civility ֍ Primer on DEI and its Value Today

    ֍Performance Evaluation 2020 ֍ Feedback/Coaching Virtually

    ֍Time Management/Staying Organized ֍ Stress Management

    Webinar Descriptions ֍ Call for details: 703.992.9817

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    One-on-one Coaching for Managers and Employees

    ֍ Interactive

    ֍ Virtual, but Face-to-Face

    ֍ Short or Long-term Packages

    ֍ Focused on Developing Behavioral Skills

    Contact me for more details: DebCohenLLC@gmail.com